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Copyright Slap defends your work against theft, unauthorized usage, and brand distortion so you can focus on what you’re best at: creating exceptional content.

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We offer an ever-expanding set of services and support that facilitate the prompt removal of infringements, protecting your brand and revenue streams and helping you maintain control over your work.

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Unlimited Takedowns

Users can send an unlimited number of DMCA takedowns.

Search Engine Removal

Remove URLs of your pirated material from the results of search engines.

Escalation of Takedowns

We work with hosting providers to ensure copyright violation notice delivery.

Daily Custom Search Results

Our processes help you find infringements by searching for you.

Full Site Takedown

Our partnership with government organizations provide global protection and full site takedowns.

Reporting Resources

Print reports with information about infringements and takedowns that have been issued.

Comprehensive Protection. An affordable Solution.

Copyright Protection Pricing

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Prices per title are tiered, and get cheaper the more you protect
$ 20 Per Title Per Month
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Daily Custom Search Results
  • Unlimited Takedowns
  • Auto Escalation of Takedowns
  • Google Search Result Removal
  • Full Site Takedowns
  • Reporting

You might have some questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright Slap is designed to make it easier for individuals and businesses to protect their intellectual property against online piracy.

So how does it work?

We specialize in sending out DMCA Violation Notices. The what of the what?! US Law says that if someone posts a copyrighted work online, they are not liable for posting it until the copyright holder lets them know. Sending of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Violation Notices is how copyright holders inform sites of violations. They must be specifically formatted and sent to the right places. That’s one of the biggest things we streamline. We send to the correct website admin source, and if ignored, we automatically escalate and send notices to Website Hosting Providers (whose terms are violated by a user posting infringing materials).

Great! So will all my infringements be immediately taken down because DMCA Violation Notices are sent?

Unfortunately not. The DMCA is a US Law, and through International Trade Agreements, most countries follow US IP Law violations, but others are not so compliant. If a Website Hosting Provider has servers solely located in certain countries, they may outright ignore the DMCA while others will require a court document signed by a judge in order to remove a single URL with an infringement (We have a specific set of words we like to call those Providers, but children may read this FAQ so we’ll leave it at that).

Oh no. So then it ends there?

No. Because Copyright Slap does not stop. We have relationships with different agencies and organizations that take things a step further, and go after entire piracy-centered domains. It takes longer, but those extremely stubborn sites are highlighted as especially bad actors and through multi-national and court actions, the sites are addressed. Meanwhile, Copyright Slap submits and has the infringing URLs removed from Search Engines so that they no longer appear if someone searches for the illegal content. It may remain online, but it is much more difficult to find.

Okay, so I’m covered but some things will just take time?

Yes and no. (We know, never an easy answer.) Our system is a highly efficient whack-a-mole player going after infringing URLs, and by teaming with agencies and organizations we go after bigger offenders, but nothing is 100%. Some sites will refuse to remove infringements and there are only so many domains that can be taken down in a given amount of time through outside measures. One thing Copyright Slap does is document every DMCA Violation Notice sent, so that it can be utilized by an IP Attorney to take further action. We are not a Law Firm, but when paired with an IP Attorney, the documentation we provide can be used to take legal action and be used to seek damages.

Is that it?

Nope. Copyright Slap is continuously working to release new features to better aid our users in fighting online piracy. We know this fight is an ever-evolving and never-ending one, and we strive to create new tools to better equip you to protect your brand image, to send users to legit money-earning sites, and to give you resources to take further action if needed.

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Review Daily Search Results and send takedowns on infringements, send unlimited takedowns using the Takedown Tool, and add your legit selling and promotional online sites to your Protected Pages list to make sure those aren’t accidentally sent takedowns when you are in a rush. Now come join us and fight some pirates!

Please reach out to us via our contact us page (linked below) with any further questions.


"Copyright Slap works! Who knows how much revenue we filmmakers lose to pirates EVERY day. With Copyright Slap we can finally fight back! Oh, and the site is super easy to use."

Nena Eskridge Film Director: Stray

"Copyright Slap is a very helpful tool to quickly consolidate numerous websites that are pirating my film and take action against them. As an indie filmmaker, I don't really have a lot of time to continually search for all of the pirated versions of my film that are out there, so a tool like Copyright Slap is a necessity for me."

Jeremy Guy Film Directory / Producer: Purdah

"We've been absolutely inundated by pirates and I was at my wits' end as to how to deal with it. Then I discovered Copyright Slap and I now feel that we're beginning to redress the balance. It's great to have someone fighting our corner against the endless attack waves of the enemy!"

Brian Barnes Film Director: The Redeeming

Who We Are

Evan, CEO of Copyright Slap, is first and foremost a creator. He is a writer, an actor, and a filmmaker. His story is your story.

Lee, CTO of Copyright Slap, is a seasoned technology professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry, specializing in infrastructure and automation. As CTO of Copyright Slap, he has endeavored to create tools that help content creators easily and efficiently protect their work from online piracy.

As the Origin Story Goes: After spending hours each day sending DMCA takedown notices attempting to fight piracy of his first feature film, Evan decided there had to be a better way. There wasn’t. And so he reached out to his friend Lee, they met at a bar in Brooklyn, Evan pitched the concept of creating an automated copyright team and Lee said, “Yeah, I think we could do that.”

With each new iteration of, Evan and Lee build a stronger and better service, with more options, and more tools. Evan uses the system to fight piracy of the content he creates, alongside all the other Copyright Slap users, so we are a company that can guarantee that we will never lose touch with our user’s experience.

This site, this system, is designed to make life easier and help independent creators fight back, because it wasn’t affordable or possible to this extent before. Copyright Slap helps independent artists fight piracy by providing an affordable way for creators to protect their work.

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Our subscription service is on 30-day cycles. If you accidentally pay for a subscription and inform us within 24-hours of the purchase, we are able to refund the full amount. If you are outside of the 24-hour window, you can cancel the subscription and you will be able to use the site for the full 30-days and then the subscription will automatically end and you will not be further charged.