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Nena Eskridge, film Director "Stray"

"Copyright Slap works! Who knows how much revenue we filmmakers lose to pirates EVERY day. With Copyright Slap we can finally fight back! Oh, and the site is super easy to use."

Jeremy Guy, film Director/Producer "Purdah"

"Copyright Slap is a very helpful tool to quickly consolidate numerous websites that are pirating my film and take action against them. As an indie filmmaker, I don't really have a lot of time to continually search for all of the pirated versions of my film that are out there, so a tool like Copyright Slap is a necessity for me."

Brian Barnes, film Director "The Redeeming"

"We've been absolutely inundated by pirates and I was at my wits' end as to how to deal with it. Then I discovered Copyright Slap and I now feel that we're beginning to redress the balance. It's great to have someone fighting our corner against the endless attack waves of the enemy!"

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Tl;dr: User Registration is free, and then each 30-day subscription for a project is only $20 for everything.

For Daily Search Results, an unlimited number of Manual Takedown Submissions, and nearly no leg work needed on your part, CS’s Services are offered at $20 per 30-day Cycle, per project. Compared to our competitors –which charge $199 per takedown and you have to do most of the work yourself– we aim to offer a rate that saves you a ton of time and money, and helps you push traffic to your legitimate sales sites rather than the $50bn illegal piracy industry. We’ve got your back.

Copyright Slap is designed to make it easier for independent producers of intellectual property (starting with film/tv/web producers) to fight online piracy.

Copyright Slap compiles a list of potential illegal pages related to your project and then makes it possible for you to send 20+ takedowns a day, within a matter of minutes. We have additional proprietary measures which we utilize to help further convince stubborn site holders to remove pages.

First step is to register by clicking this “Register” link or the one at the top of this page. Registering is free. Then, go to the FAQ & Tutorials Page for videos and step-by-step instructions that walk you through all of the site’s features and how to initiate your first project!

“No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work.” (Source: Thus, you can issue copyright infringement claims but if you decide to take legal action for damages you may need a copyright certificate. We always recommend contacting a copyright attorney if you ever have specific copyright questions. To copyright a film you can refer to the following US Government Copyright document, in addition to talking with an attorney.

No. Copyright Slap specializes in alerting and documenting (and has a high success rate of infringement removal) on behalf of copyright owners. We are not attorneys. Lawyers and Copyright Slap are not a zero sum — If you wish to take legal action against a specific infringer you will need the services of a copyright lawyer. We are your Internet Army, not your legal team. Copyright Slap is strictly a takedown site that aids in getting copyrighted materials removed from websites.

No. The United States has copyright relations with countries all around the world. How many? This many. Copyright Slap works to provide international copyright protection services on your behalf by not only requesting takedown from the specific site hosting the infringing materials, but also in escalating ways all the way up to and through international ISPs/OSPs. In addition, we are on top of the various International Copyright Treaties and Agreements and leverage those when contacting sites hosted on non-US-based servers.

Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the Login Page or, if logged in, you can click the “Account” menu tab and reset from there.

INFRINGEMENT is when someone, not the copyright holder, uses a copyright holder’s intellectual property for their own gain, without permission. Their is one EXCEPTION though: FAIR USE.

FAIR USE is “any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and ‘transformative’ purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work”¹. The key aspects of Fair Use is that any clips are short (the whole film or large parts untouched is infringement) and must transform the piece (like a meme, dubbing over words for parody, as part of a review, etc.).

What is most important is to RESPECT Fair Use and not claim it as infringement. The line is easy to see the difference and Fair Use can help spread the word of your project, AND is within legal rights of individuals. Everything else, let us take them down for you.

Another great resource is this blog post by George Thuronyi on identifying Fair Use.


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An interesting company workaround of #Article13 and sticking to the factually inaccurate #meme nicknaming. Loopholes will always be found. Balance is always needed, but so is protecting copyrighted works from exploitation.
Effects of the EU's #CopyrightDirective are starting to take place, let's see how things end up panning out. @googlenews is the first to start making big changes.
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Here we go ... Poland officially challenges #Article13 & #Article17 of the EU Copyright Directive. It's always interesting to argue for 100% freedom to use someone else's stuff w/o consequence. IP is no different than tangible items when it comes to theft.

@RSthePit The balance between Freedom of Speech and Copyright Infringement continually hit heads. One says the other will create abuses, the other ... says the same thing, but the other way around.

It is horrible people like this that make legit copyright claims harder to enforce. Dear douchebags, please stop.
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